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Airport Transfers

Meeting and transfer to the airport

We offer individual transfers and taxis to airports in Israel. Ben Gurion Airport is the main gateway of the country. It belongs to the municipality of Tel Aviv and is considered the best airport in the Middle East in terms of security and level of service. Ramon Airport Terminal is located 19 km from the center of Eilat. Our company serves local and international flights.
We organize transportation with experienced drivers providing high service. We deliver to Ben-Gurion and Ramon air terminals using VIP cars, business and comfort class sedans, passenger vans, minivans and minibuses.
Passengers can always choose a vehicle that is optimally suited in terms of comfort and cost. Please remember that Emun Taxi does not provide group transfers. We offer only individual transfers and transportation of small groups to the destination.
Individual transfers have a number of advantages over group transportation of passengers:personalized approach to a clientthe fastest possible transportation to the destinationno queues and waitingpremium serviceexclusive comfort levelEmun Taxi mainly uses new cars. They are in perfect technical condition, kept in impeccable cleanliness. We fulfill individual and corporate orders, serve individuals and small groups of tourists.
In addition to the airport transfer service, our company also provides the airport meeting service with a nameplate. At the moment of arrival, the customer is met by our driver with a nameplate. He helps pick up the suitcases and load them into the trunk of the car. On the way, the driver will tell you about the best beaches, shops, local attractions, rules and iconic places.

Our fleet

For transportation we use VIP Business cars designed for three passengers, as well as cars for small groups of up to 20 passengers. Our fleet is suitable for business tourism, recreation in resort areas, medical support and long trips.
The vehicles are equipped with:air conditioner;adjustable backsergonomic armrestsstrong seat beltsGPS and EZ-Pass are modern navigation systems that allow you to build the shortest routes to your destination

Individual driver services

We organize transportation of passengers accompanied by professional drivers. The "Individual driver with a car" service is designed for a full day — 8 hours of service or 200 km distance.
Our drivers are multilingual specialists who are fluent in several languages:RussianEnglishHebrewWhen ordering a service "Transfer to the airport" drivers will come for clients to a hotel, boarding house or clinic, to a private villa or city house to meet the customer, help him with luggage and boarding the transfer.
Individual drivers will:help with loading luggageanswer any questionsmake a stop on the way at the request of customersoffer clean drinking waterturn on the musicadjust the optimal temperature in the vehicleEmun Taxi employs exclusively professionals with extensive driving experience, ensuring 100% safety during transportation.

How and when to order a taxi to airport?

We advise you to order a car in advance, especially in peak season in spring and autumn. You can make a reservation on the Emun Taxi website at any time of the day or night. We meet and escort you to airport 24/7. After filling in the application form, the order status can be tracked in the client's personal account. Our dispatcher additionally sends a notification to your mail confirming the order status.
There are several ways to get advice on any issue or about approved orders: call the specified help desk phone number during the opening hours indicated on the "Contacts" page; use feedback on the "call me back" website or Telegram/Viber/Whatsapp messengers. When meeting at the airport, we recommend that customers of group or individual transportation services immediately turn on their smartphones after landing and connect to airport Wi-Fi for better communication with Emun Taxi. As a rule, our drivers always wait for customers with a nameplate in the waiting room near gate 02 (inside the hall), unless the dispatcher has announced another one.

How to find out how much a taxi to the airport costs?

You can find the exact and real cost of services on the company's website. The trip price is strictly fixed and will not change only if the customer wishes to pay a tip (as a rule, tips amount 10% of the total cost at the wish of the customer).
You can find out the exact price for an individual airport transfer via the online form on our website. The cost depends on the time of meeting (day, night), vehicle class, number of passengers.

How to pay for airport transfer?

We offer several payment methods: in cash, bank card and online on the website via PayPal. When meeting at the airport, advance payment is made via PayPal or Bit.
Please note that many types of payment systems in Russia are now under sanctions. Therefore, Emun Taxi temporarily provides an opportunity to pay for a trip by transfer to a phone number in Russia (on request). We do not have cash payment when meeting at the airport.
When escorted to the airport terminal, customers can use post-payment at arrival in the ways indicated above.

Is it possible to cancel the order?

The customer has the right to cancel the order by calling or doing it in the website personal account, or by messengers listed on the website. The order is also canceled via written application sent on e-mail. If the request is canceled within 24 hours, 100% of the amount is returned to the client's account. If the application is canceled in less than 24 hours, there will be no refund.
Caution! Our dispatchers track aircraft flights when meeting at the airport. We provide 1 hour of free waiting from the time the plane lands. As usual, this time is quite enough for the client to pass through the border control and get the luggage. Each subsequent hour of waiting is provided for a separate payment $50 per hour.
Our company takes great care of customers when organizing transfers in excellent quality, providing additional services and guaranteeing impeccable service. We provide customer support by phone every day seven days a week from 09:00 to 21:00 in Israel. We guarantee absolutely transparent terms of payment for services. We have no additional hidden fees, surcharges in the form of duties and fees. Tips are optional only.We provide an individual approach to each client!
So, is it worth risking using the services of private carriers directly at the airport? Order a taxi to the airport in advance, and the trip is guaranteed not to spoil your first impression of the country. On the contrary, it will help to start a vacation or business trip with positive emotions!
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