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Taxi Airport Ramon

Recently the Minister Yisrael Katz said that they had started the construction of the Ramon Airport, which had being built from the moment of the Israel creation. With the end of the project, the territory of the airport in Elliat will be used for the benefit of urban development. It will significantly improve the quality of life and create many job vacancies.

It should be noted that the Israel Airports Authority announced the tender for the implementation of the preparatory work for the construction of the Timna airport few months ago. The airport construction will eventually play a major role in the formation of air transportation. It is important to say that Yisrael Katz named the new airport in memory of Asaph and Alan. It is a token of gratitude and respect to the family of Ramon, because they have made a significant contribution to the state development.

Thus, the airport will be able to provide the highest level of service. The airport will feature a 3 km runway and will have parking spots for large airplanes, spacious terminal, which will take 2 million passengers a year; it has "duty-free" shops for tourists and other visitors of this extraordinary country.

The project is part of a larger plan to develop the city, which includes mega-projects such as upgrading the Arava Road (it will have four lanes - two lanes for each direction). Therefore, you’ll be able to get from Timna to Eilat within 10 minutes.Thus, the Ramon airport will become an additional international airport for Israel. It will be able to carry out domestic flights and flights to / from Europe.

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