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1. This document is addressed to any physical person (hereinafter the Customer) and is
an official offer of limited liability, which contains all the essential conditions for the
provision of services for which «Service Emun-Taxi» (hereinafter "Dispatching office") by
third parties, organizes passenger taxi transportation.

2. This document is a public Offer, addressed to an indefinite number of physical
persons, and in the case of acceptance of the conditions set forth below, the physical
person who makes the acceptance of this Offer, shall pay for the services on the terms
of this Offer.

3. Ordering a vehicle is the Offer acceptance that is considered equivalent to the
conclusion of the contract on the terms set forth in this Offer posted on the website https://taxiemunisrael.com/

4. Carefully read the text of the public Offer, and if You do not agree with any paragraph
of this Offer, You are invited to refuse to provide Services provided by the Carrier.

5. Definitions used to fulfill the terms of this Offer:

5.1. Services – services for the organization of passenger taxi transportation, courier
services, personal driver services, excursions in Israel.

5.2. Application – Customer's actions aimed at receipt of Services consisting in the
implementation of the Application in the Dispatching office on telephone number:
+972 (0) 50-444-5588 or through the official website https://taxiemunisrael.com/ 

5.3. Carrier – a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, duly notified by the Dispatching
office and assumed under the contract with the Customer, concluded by committing
conclusive actions, the obligation to transport at the request of the Customer and
deliver the passenger, his baggage, hand luggage to the appropriate destination. The
carrier has permission to transport passengers and baggage by taxi.

5.4. Acceptance – full and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of the terms of
this Offer.

5.5. Dispatching office – «Emun-Taxi» unit in charge of receiving requests and
transmitting them to the Carrier

6. The subject of the offer

6.1. «Emun-Taxi» provides passenger taxi transportation, courier services, personal
driver services, excursions in Israel, and the Customer pays for the Services in
accordance with the terms of this Offer.

7. The procedure for the provision of services

7.1. Acceptance by the Customer of the terms of this Offer is carried out by performing
any of the following actions:

7.1.1. The Order for rendering services is carried out by the Customer through
Dispatching office of a taxi by phone number: +972 (0) 50-444-5588

7.1.2. The vehicle Order is carried out on the official Internet site https://taxiemunisrael.com/ 

7.1.3. The Customer has the right to cancel the Order in writing via e-mail
emun2002@gmail.com or via call +972 (0) 50-444-5588. At the same time, the
Dispatching office has the right to apply to the Customer the measures of responsibility
provided by the Contract of the public Offer.

7.2. The Customer is responsible for the content and accuracy of the information
provided when placing the Order.

7.3. After placing an Order, Customer data is recorded in the database.

7.4. Dispatching office does not change or edit the Customer's information without his

7.5. Dispatching office reserves the right to refuse service to the Customer who
disagrees with the terms of this Offer, without explanation.

7.6. At the same time, the Dispatching office has the right to apply to the Customer the
measures of responsibility provided by the Contract of the public Offer.

7.7. All claims for improper execution of the Order the Customer is entitled to send to
the Dispatching office by telephone +972 (0) 50-444-5588 or email emun2002@gmail.com

7.8. Dispatching office sends an Application for the provision of transportation services
to the Carrier.

7.9. Dispatching office has the right to accept preliminary applications for the provision
of Transport for transportation. In the case of transportation by the third-party Carrier,
responsible for the timely delivery of the vehicle is the Carrier, notified in advance in the
preliminary application by the Dispatching office. Herewith the delivery of the vehicle is
not guaranteed by the Dispatching office, what the Customer is warned about at the
time of Order.

7.10. This Offer is not irrevocable.

7.11. The Dispatching office has the right to record telephone conversations with the

7.12. Due to the constant improvement of technologies for the provision of Services, the
Dispatching office has the right to change the terms of this Offer.

7.13. All information materials presented on the official website are for reference
purposes and may not fully convey reliable information about certain characteristics of
the Services. If the Customer has any questions regarding the characteristics of the
Services, before placing an Order, he must seek advice from a specialist of the
Dispatching office.

8. Duties of the Dispatching office

8.1. To submit the Application to the Carrier and inform the Customer about the arrival
of the vehicle, its brand, license number and driver's name.

8.2. To inform the Customer about cases of forced delay of the vehicle.

8.3. To inform the Customer about cases of impossibility to provide the vehicle.

8.4. In case of malfunction of the vehicle in transit, to ensure as soon as possible the
transfer of the Application to another Carrier, while the time of submission of another
vehicle is not subject to payment by the Customer.

9. Obligations of the Customer

9.1. To order Services taking into account the time required for the providing of the

9.2. To take into account the number of seats and the volume of the load compartment
in the vehicle.

9.3. To inform the Customer's phone number, time and address of the vehicle providing,
vehicle type, travel route, required conditions of carriage.

9.4. To use the provided vehicle for its intended purpose.

9.5. To observe cleanliness and order throughout the route in the vehicle.

10. Procedure of settlements

10.1. Payment services «Emun-Taxi» is made by the Customer:

10.1.1. By cash to the Carrier when boarding the vehicle.

10.1.2. By bank transfer, in cases where this type of payment is possible (for example,
when the ordering of transportation services on the website https://taxiemunisrael.com/).

10.2. The amount of payment for services is determined according to the rates
approved by the Dispatching office and valid at the time of application. In this case, the
tariffs are not specifically agreed by the parties, and it is assumed that the Customer has
familiarized himself with the existing tariffs and agrees with them.

10.3. When paying in cash for the Services, the Customer will not be entitled to withhold
any amount to settle claims against the Carrier, except for the cases of obtaining the
consent of «Emun-Taxi» for such withholding.

11. Responsibility of the Dispatching office

11.1. The Dispatching office is responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations.

11.2. Dispatching office is not responsible for interruptions in the provision of Services in
the event of failures of software, equipment, or communication lines not belonging to
the Dispatching office.

11.3. Dispatching office is not responsible for complete or partial interruptions of
Services related to the replacement of equipment, software or other work caused by
the need to maintain the performance and development of technical means of
Dispatching office, subject to prior notice of the Customer.

11.4. Dispatching office is not responsible for losses, lost profits incurred by the
Customer as a result of using the Services.

12. The responsibility of the Customer

12.1. The customer is responsible for the performance of his obligations.

12.2. In case of refusal of the Customer from the Application without prior notice for 24
hours before the specified time in the Application, the Customer pays a Penalty of 100%
of the cost of the Application. If the Customer informed about the refusal more than 24
hours before the appointed in the Application time, payment is returned in full.

13. Force majeure

13.1. The only ground that exempts the Parties from liability is force majeure. Force
majeure in the sense of this paragraph refers to circumstances.

13.2. A Party subject to force majeure must immediately notify the other Party in
writing (e.g. by e-mail) of the occurrence and possible duration of the force majeure, as
well as the implementation of what the Party's responsibilities the force majeure

13.3. In the event of failure to notify, the party subjected to force majeure may not
further refer to force majeure as a basis to exempt it from liability.

13.4. If the force majeure lasts for a period of more than 2 months, the Parties are
obliged, at the proposal of one of the Parties, to agree on further terms of action and/or
the possibility and conditions of termination of this Offer.

14. Dispute resolution procedure

14.1. Disputes and disagreements related to the execution of this Offer, the Parties will
resolve in the pre-trial (claim) order.

14.2. If it is impossible to settle disputes through negotiations, they are subject to
resolution in the courts, in accordance with the current legislation.

15. Special conditions

15.1. The carrier is responsible for both the execution of the Order and the
implementation of the instructions of the Customer, provided that they do not
contradict the rules of the road, the transport Charter and other legal acts.

15.2. If the execution of the Customer's orders resulted in the imposition of penalties or
losses, they are subject to compensation by the Customer in accordance with applicable

15.3. The carrier is fully responsible for damage to passengers and baggage of the
Customer in the event of an accident.

15.4. By agreeing to the terms of the Offer in this edition, the Customer agrees to
receive advertising information distributed over communication networks (including
SMS messages) for the purposes and in cases where the need for such consent is
provided by the regulatory legal acts on advertising.

16. Personal data

16.1. By placing an Order, the Customer agrees to the collection and processing of
personal data about himself in order to fulfill the terms of this Offer.

16.2. Dispatching office collects and processes personal data of the Customer (surname,
name, patronymic, contact phone numbers) in order to fulfill the terms of this Offer.

16.3. When collecting and processing personal data of Customers, the Dispatcher's
office does not pursue other purposes than those set out in clause 16.2.

16.4. Only persons directly related to the execution of Orders have access to the
personal data of Customers.

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