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Taxi Zikhron Ya’akov

Zichron Yaacov is the one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. It has a wonderful peaceful atmosphere. Here are beautiful homes, comfortable holiday homes, cozy parks, vineyards. Needless to say that Zichron Yaakov is a home of winemaking in Israel.

You can get here by taxi or bus. The nearest airport is located in Haifa, from where the international flights to different countries and cities are carried out. The history of Zichron Yakov is interesting and exciting, because the city is one of the first Jewish settlements; it was founded in 1882 by Baron Rothschild.

The place was named after his father James. Zichron Yaakov is attractive for its historical center. Besides it is quite picturesque and colorful. The main street of the city is called Derech ha Yayin, which means "The Wine Road". It is decorated with old buildings, that have shopping courtyards.

Additionally, there are many cozy restaurants and cafes to meet all requirements, as well as antique and jewelry stores. You will never forget this cozy city and will want to come back at least one more time.

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