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Taxi Tirat Carmel

Israel attracts numerous guests from around the world. It's naturally that people arriving to this magnificent country for the first time don't know anything about organizations of transfers, local prices, and ways to get to one city from another one here. "Emun Taxi" company would be glad to help you with all these matters.
We offer:

  • Pick-up meeting with a driver for you, your family or a tourist group.
  • Safe transfer to Tirat Carmel without a risk to get into road accident due to reckless driving.
  • Private and group passenger transfers with different comfort level depending on your budget and preferences.
  • The chance to see Israel from radically new viewpoint, to come to sacred places or natural reserves much closer than the usual tourists do.
  • Advance order of a transfer.

We do not work as a usual urgent taxi company. We have our special niche and clientele in Tirat Carmel and all over the country. Our drivers drive specific routes - popular among the tourists and individually planned. You are welcome to call our operators to calculate the cost of your transfer and to discuss it.

We are looking forward to see you as a client of "Emun Taxi"!

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