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Taxi Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan is a city in Israel, which is located in the coastal zone near the western part of Tel Aviv. The city is very in advance in the different ways of transport. You have the ability to get from the airport to Ramat Gan by public transport or taxi.

Ramat Gan means “Garden Heights” in Hebrew. The first diamond stock exchange (which is the biggest one in our times) was opened in 1968 in this very city. The famous clinic "Sheba" and Bar-Ilan University are also located here.

A huge zoo called "Safari" is located in the city. The animals are kept in natural conditions here. We must say that Ramat Gan is a socially prosperous city. There is a thriving trade. There are shops, various firms, shopping centers. The Academic College of Textile Technology and Fashion (the only one in the Holy Land) is in Ramat Gan.

There is also a large stadium for 50 thousand spectators, where football matches and various sporting events take place. Ramat Gan is known for its extraordinary cozy atmosphere. It feels like home.

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