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Taxi Ra'anana

One of the most beautiful cities in Israel – Ra’anana, encourages the traveler to go there and discover the new and unknown. You can get there much easier if you use the services of Emun Taxi and order transfer in Ra'anana.
Transfer is a preliminary order of a quick safe trip from airport to destination place or vice versa.

Why book a taxi with us?
First, it is cheaper than taking a taxi from the hotel. We offer reasonable prices on transportation of passengers.
Secondly, arriving to the airport, you would not be nervous about the fact that you cannot find your driver or stand in the queue for a taxi.
Thirdly, you do not have to worry about extra pay for extra baggage or think about whether it has a baby car seat or not.
Fourth, you do not have to explain to the driver where to go. If you order transfer in advance, you can simply enjoy unusual views of the country from the window of a luxury car.

In the southern part of the Sharon valley, near the capital there is a beautiful city of Ra’anana.
On the streets of this city you can see a lot of trees, green grass and flowers, moreover, a flower competition is arranged here every year. City authorities strongly encourages all actions aimed at greening the city.
There is no special historical monuments here, but tourists can visit the City History Museum, walk in the Park with lots of grassy areas and citrus groves, visit the lake, around which the alley with unusual sculptures made by famous artists passes, visit the youth theatre or a socio-cultural center. You can improve your health - there is the famous center of Levinstein, which is one of the largest European rehabilitation clinics.

But how can you keep up to go everywhere and see as much as possible?

It is very simple — just use the services of Emun Taxi. Because we:
• can arrange private transfer the route of which we can work out together;
• move around local boutiques, show you all the sights, and possibly drive you to a medical center Levinstein;
• will provide a personal driver, which will act as a guide - will tell you a lot about the city and its inhabitants.

You only need to contact our company and order a transfer.

We offer not only individual but also group transportation services.
For this, you need to order a group transfer by phone or via the contact form on the website in advance. We will provide you a comfortable bus.
We are always ready to help customers to make a transfer in Ra'anana!

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