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Taxi Or-Akiva

The modern city of Or Akiva in Israel is an interesting place for many foreign tourists because of its coastal location, as well as an interesting history. The city is 39km away from Tel Aviv (where the airport is located) and 48 km from Haifa. You can reach the city by public transport or taxi.

The urban infrastructure is good developed. So the city is not jut good for recreation, but also for entertaining. The modern city has two districts: the old Or Akiva and new Orot. The main attraction of Or Akiva is the large eucalyptus trees growing near the city entrance.

The city has a big library. The book fund of library includes English, Hebrew and Russian items. There is also an entertainment center, for both children and adults. The center has a huge auditorium. In addition, the city has the Sports Palace, a shopping center and industrial zone called "Caesarea."

The city has held an annual exhibition of children's drawings. In Or Akiva you will appreciate the architecture of buildings, painting of nature and good kind atmosphere.

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