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Taxi Nahariya

For many Israelis, Nahariya means rest and recreation. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean in the Western Galilee. The river Ga'aton flows through the city and flows into the Sea. The nearest airport is 34 kilometers away from the city. It is in Haifa. From the airport you will be able to reach your destination by taxi, bus or train.

It is very convenient to travel by foot or by public transport inside the town. Nahariya has a subtropical climate and fertile valley that is rich in silt. It tends to get a lot of tourists, because this city is a boon not only for travelers, but also for historians from all over the world.

The earliest settlements existed here in the Stone Age. That’s why all the archaeological finds were put on display in Jerusalem museum. The town is full of other attractions, including the remains of the fortress of Canaan, which were found during archaeological excavations.

There is a wonderful castle placed near the town beach "Galey Galil." Also, archaeologists have found the elements of the mosaic floor dated the 64th BC. There are many interesting and exciting places worth visiting.

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