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Taxi Mitzpe Ramon

Mitspe Ramon is an urban settlement in Israel. The locals call it "the city of development" because the largest astronomical observatory of the country is located here.

You can reach this city from the airport by taxi or any other public transport. Mitspe Ramon is the heart of the Negev desert, which is the driest region of the country. Among the outstanding sights are the ruins of Avdat Nabatean town, llamas and alpacas (the camels ancient relatives) farm.

However, the biggest sight is the Makhtesh karst crater. This is a large asymmetrical hole dug out of the ground by natural processes of erosion. It is 300 meters deep, 40 kilometers long, 8 kilometers at its widest

In the city you can relax in the unforgettable exotic place called "Tsel ha midbar", which means "The Shadow of desert." Here are stunning views of the Ramon canyon. Mitspe Ramon will be an unforgettable adventure to the world of real magic nature for you.

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