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Taxi Kiryat Arba

A convenient modern city, involving a high spiritual atmosphere of the Judean hills — that is Kiryat Arba, Hebron. The journey through the significant places of Israel must definitely pass through the West coast of the Jordan River.
Here the creative intelligentsia and many prominent figures of the country live.
The city is full of high-rise buildings, beautiful villas and cottages. In the suburbs there are many settlement outposts and farms, one of which is a well-known horse breeding farm of Edie Driben — a unique piece of the Wild West in the Middle East. In addition, in Kiryat Arba a wine industry is widespread, the famous Hebron wine is for example.

To get to this interesting city, you can ordering a taxi to Kiryat Arba from "Emun Taxi". The company offers safe and comfortable transportation of passengers, both for individual and for the large groups. The company has a number of modern cars, vans and buses up to 55 seats.

Every client will be delivered to a specified point with a desired level of comfort. During the trip, you will see beautiful scenes outside the window, and an experienced driver will not only drive you safely, but also tell you a little about the history of architectural monuments, famous sights and traditions of the Jewish people. Transfer to the Kiryat Arba will become for you not just a route from point A to point B, but a full tour of Israel.

The cost of the trip depends on several factors:
1. What is the distance you need to drive?
2. What kind of car you want to order?
3. How many journeys you plan to make?

For all information, you can contact our managers by telephone number, which you will find on the website.

Tourist place  - Kiryat Arba

Israel is a beautiful country, which is so any time of year. Kiryat Arba is a town where you can stay for a couple of days to visit religious shrines of the city. One of the famous is the Holy Trinity monastery. It is famous because the oak of Mamre grows on its territory, that one, under which Abraham had a rest from the heat, and here he saw three angels as travelers.

If you wish to visit this city and the Dead Sea, book your transfer to Kiryat Arba and the driver will take you directly to “embraces” of the genial sunshine, sand and sea waves.

Why should you book a taxi in "Emun Taxi"?

That is:
• your safety during the transportation;
• the opportunity to enjoy fully all the beauties of the Holy Land;
• professionalism and experience of the driver. He knows all the paths and the road features of the country.

Unlike public transport, we do not limit our client and ourselves with the standard route. We will get you as close to your desired sight as possible.

You can learn the transfer prices in Kiryat Arba from any place of the country or taxis around the city from our managers or filling the special form on the website.

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