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Taxi Kiryat Yam

The magnificent town of Kiryat Yam attracts many tourists because of its affordable recreation. It is close to Haifa, so if you arrive to the Tel Aviv Airport, you need to take a taxi first to get to Haifa and then to drive 8 km to Kiryat Yam.

There are not a lot of nightclubs and restaurants, but thanks to the developed infrastructure, this city has everything to have a good time. Kiryat Yam is renowned for its perfectly equipped comfortable beaches. There is plenty of entertainment near the Sea, including windsurfing, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Despite the low number of attractions, those who love sightseeing tours can visit the city of Haifa, which is known for abundance of historical and cultural monuments. Shoppers will also love the city, because of quite attractive prices and a low number of tourists.

As soon as the evening comes, bars and discos open in Kiryat Yam. But the city is mostly oriented for a relaxing holiday, so married couples with children and older people like to come here.

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