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Taxi Kiryat Bialik

The resort town of Kiryat Bialik is located near the Mediterranean Sea, in the Zvulon Valley. It is considered to be a modern resort and it attracts tourists with its picturesque landscapes, as well as with the excellent infrastructure and comfortable beaches. Kiryat Bialik is close to Haifa, where the international airport is located. You can get to Kiryat Bialik from Haifa by taxi or public transport.

The city was named after the poet called Chaim Bialik. There are no famous historical monuments or some grand sights. But Kiryat Bialik has an extraordinary cozy atmosphere.

In addition, there is a huge variety of entertainment spots. You have the opportunity to visit theaters, relax in the spa and visit special health centers. You can also enjoy European and National cuisine in the local restaurants and cafes located right on the waterfront. Travelers also visit museums, the botanical garden, rides, zoo, water park and more. It is truly a beautiful and romantic town, to which one always wants to return.

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