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Taxi Kiryat Ata

Amazing and picturesque town of Kiryat Ata is conveniently located in the valley of the Israeli Zvulon. It is surrounded with an incredibly beautiful area. And it is just 4km, away from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is 12 km away from Haifa, where the International airport is located. You can get to Kiryat Ata from Haifa by taxi or public transport. For beach lovers, Kiryat Ata seems to be a paradise. It is possible to sunbathe on white sand, swim in crystal clear water and enjoy a clean environment here.

Despite its young age, Kiryat Ata has already become famous for the most interesting sights. The city can be proud of its own municipal museum with the large collection of ancient objects, jewelry, various documents dated the first half of the 20th century.

In addition, there is a great atmosphere full with peace, joy and comfort. It attracts tourists from all over the world. They walk around the city, relax, breathe fresh ecologically clean air here and tell a lot of interesting things after return.

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