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Taxi Katzrin

Katzerin is a city in Northern Israel. It is an important tourism center of Israel. Despite the fact that the city lies on the border with Syria, it has never seen a single terrorist attack.

For those who like to travel and learn something new, Katzerin is the place to visit. This city is further away from Jerusalem; the distance is about 200 km. And it lies 186 km from Tel Aviv, where the main airport is located.

Katzerin can be reached by bus or taxi on the road surrounded by flowering sites, nature reserves, lakes, mountains and hills. The city has a lot of interesting things. It is not surprising that this place is called the capital of Ramat ha Golan.

The Doll Museum is a cultural centre of the city. The museum has more than a thousand different items, some of which are historical characters. There is also a special archaeological park "Kisrin" not far from the city, with buildings 20-century old.

Travel lovers should appreciate the strangeness identity of the city, because an every corner, an every path inspires and gives a positive energy.

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