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Taxi Herzliya

Israeli city of Herzliya is a resort town that attracts most of the tourists and travelers from around the globe. The 6-mile beach with luxurious hotels and restaurants extends here, in Millionaires Herzliya Pituach district.

You can reach Herzliya by taxi or bus. It takes about 30 minutes to get here from Tel Aviv (where the international airport Ben Gurion is located) and about one hour to get from Haifa and Jerusalem. There is a large harbor for yachts in the city.

There is also a small airport for private planes. The medical center, that is located on the waterfront, is very popular too. Its professional experts are engaged in complex diseases of the spine, skin, and cardiovascular system. There is also a museum of archeology called Kfar Saba, where you can see pictures, images and maps that describe the time from the era of the emergence of the human race to the Turkish period.

There is a beautiful mosaic floor of the temple nearby, dating from the sixth century. Herzliya is an excellent town where you can relax and learn a lot.

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