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Taxi Hadera

Hedera town nestles in the land of Israel. It is a small town on the Mediterranean coast, which is located between the cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv (where the major international airport is located). You can get from here by any vehicle, including taxi, if you prefer a convenient, comfortable and fastest way.

Hedera (“al-Khudayr”) is the Arabic for "green" (these places were swamped before). The city’s construction was started in 1980. The locals were engaged in fertility, planted eucalyptus trees. Today eucalyptus is a symbol of the city. Citrus and banana plantations, a variety of businesses and farms appeared here later.

To date, the city's infrastructure is excellent and well developed. You can certainly say that the development of the city made the dream of the Jewish people come true. This place shows us how everyone can bring his dream to life with his own hands.

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