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Taxi Be’er Sheba

Be’er Sheba city is considered to be the one of the oldest cities in Israel. Its name is the Hebrew word for "seven wells" or "oath well". It is associated with the Bible story, when Abraham dug a well here and sacrificed seven sheep as a token of his loyalty and devotion to the king Gerar.

The history of this city is mysterious and interesting. Many tourists dream to get here, to learn more about this mysterious ancient town. The nearest airport is Ben Gurion, which is located in Tel Aviv. From here you can go to Be’er Sheba by train, taxi or bus.

Furthermore, there is the most important historical landmark of the city is the National Park Tel Be'er Sheba. Archaeologists found the ruins of the ancient white stone buildings here. The settlement existed here as early as the 10th century BC. More recently, this extraordinary park has become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The majestic hill of Tel Sheba is 15 kilometers from the archaeological site and it commands a fantastic view. Although Beer Sheba is not a resort city, it is visited by many lovers of antiquities and interesting excursions.

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