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Taxi Bat Yam

A small Israeli town Bat Yam is one of the youngest in the Holy Land. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea coast and belongs to the Tel Aviv area, Gush Dan district. Every year a large number of foreign tourists visit it because of its seaside resort.

You can get to the Bat Yam from the Tel Aviv (where the famous Ben Gurion airport is located) by taxi or public transport.

If we take into account its short history, there are not so many important sights, but the city has already got its own famous cultural center - Ben-Ari - and the art museum called the "House of the Fisherman."

Noteworthy Bat Yam celebrates various holidays, including summer international festival of street theater.

This event is held since 1996. For those who like a more active pastime, there are many nightclubs, bars and restaurants worked late at night. You will not be bored coming here. You will see new and interesting places every day.

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