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Taxi Ashdod

Ashdod is located on the Mediterranean coast. This is a resort for those who prefer to relax on the golden sand, swim in the crystal clear waters, and enjoy the mild climate and unforgettable feelings.

You can reach Ashdod by bus or taxi from all major cities of the Holy Land. For example, it can be reached directly from Jerusalem. The travel time is approximately one hour. From Tel Aviv, with its major airport, Ashdod can be reached by bus or train with transfers.

Ashdod is famous for its wonderful parks, among which include Sand Dunes Park and Lachish. Yonah Hill is located in the city. It is the towering hill, which is the traditional site of the tomb of the sea-faring Jonah the prophet, according to the experts. A wonderful overview of Israel awaits you here.

Among ancient sites there are the remains of the fortress Ashdod-Yam and the ruins of the signal tower.

For art lovers, there’s also Art Museum with contemporary exposition. In Ashdod you will find many interesting and exciting trips, you’ll see extraordinary miracles.

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