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Jordan River (Yardenit)

We offer individual trips to the Yardenit complex — the place of the symbolic baptism of Jesus Christ. It was organized in 1981 as an alternative place for pilgrimage. After all, it was impossible to get to the main historical complex, where the Son of God was baptized until 2011 because it was open once a year via special passes.
 Yardenit is located in a picturesque place by the Jordan River, where the Sacred Waters come out of Lake Tiberias, 7 km from the city of Tiberias. The complex is built on land belonging to Kibbutz Kinneret. There is a Greek church on its territory, where symbolic baptismal ceremonies of Christians take place.
Emun Taxi employs experienced guides and professional drivers who will take you to the iconic Yardenit complex. We will arrange friendly meetings for you at the airport with a nameplate, if necessary, we will take you anywhere in Israel and provide several other additional services.
Pilgrimage to Holy Places
Today, Yardenite remains an important place of pilgrimage for those who seek spiritual renewal and connection with God. Many Orthodox and Catholic tourists come here to take part in ceremonies such as baptism or prayer services held within the walls of the local Greek church or on the river bank. This amazing place is also popular among tourists who come to admire the ancient beauty and want to touch the history.
Baptism on the Jordan River is an experience that can be both emotionally and spiritually strong. Before the baptismal ceremony, pilgrims dress in white robes, symbolizing purity and humility before God. The act of triple immersion in the river symbolizes death, burial and resurrection — all these are symbols of spiritual transformation and purification. People come here to purify the soul and heal the body from diseases.
How to book a trip?
You can reserve trips on the website as well as taxi. You can make your reservation at any time of the day or night. The order will be tracked in the client's personal account. Don't worry, our manager will process the application and call you back soon. The specialist will calculate the exact cost of the trip depending on your wishes. The price of the trip will depend on the brand and capacity of the chosen car, duration of the route and the availability of additional services. We offer you:
●    a car with a personal driver for the whole day;
●    comfortable business class cars to the Yardenit complex and back;
●    individual guided trips.
A personal driver will not only take you to the landmark complex, but also make stops at any places specified by the client. The transfer service can be ordered with stand-by. This service is slightly cheaper than a personal driver for the whole day. 
The trip's cost
In each individual case, Emun Taxi specialists calculate the cost depending on the duration of the tour, the availability of additional services. Payment methods:
●    in cash;
●    by bank card;
●    using PayPal.
The amount of the trip to the Yardenit pilgrimage complex indicated by our manager does not change. Hidden fees and charges are not added to the price. Therefore, the customer pays exactly the cost that was indicated when reserving the trip.
Order trips to the Holy Places of Israel in Emun Taxi. Your trip will take place with a polite driver who will also become a pleasant companion. We will provide premium service and an unforgettable experience! 

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