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Baptismal Site on the Jordan River - Qasr al-Yahud

In our company, you can order an Israeli taxi to travel to the Holy Places. We offer trips to the historical place of Jesus Christ’s baptism — Qasr el-Yahud. The complex is located 40 km far from Jerusalem, on the territory of the Palestinian Authority, 10 km from the confluence of the holy Jordan River into the Dead Sea.

We will arrange a meeting at the airport with a cozy taxi or a premium business class car. We will comfortably take you to the amazing Qasr el-Yahud complex, located in the lower reaches of the Holy River, east of Jericho, near the border of Jordan.

Journey to the shore of Qasr el-Yahud
The Jordan River flows from the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel and flows south through the Hula Valley before flowing into the Dead Sea. There are several places of religious significance of all three Abrahamic faiths along the current of the river. It is believed that the river was the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, as well as where Moses' journey with the Israelites from Egypt took place. It is even mentioned in the holy book of Islam, the Koran.

Today, visitors from all over the world come here to get acquainted with this historic place using our company's Israeli taxi. Access to the territory is free of charge. 

You can come here with your family, alone, or with a loved one. Tourists are invited to perform the ritual of bathing in the Holy River. The ritual can be done at any age. There is a small shop on the territory, where tourists are offered special baptismal shirts for performing the ritual. Cozy showers and changing cabins are installed nearby. A chapel has been opened for Orthodox and Catholic pilgrims there.

Emun Taxi Services
Our company offers meeting at the airport with a nameplate and taxi transportation throughout Israel. Contact us, and you can order:
•    trip with a personal driver for the whole day;
•    business class car round trip with stand-by;
•    individual guided trips.

Our clients are tourists who want to worship the shrine, to see with their own eyes places where events of a biblical scale happened.
To make the trip as interesting as possible, use the services of our guided taxi. We will provide a qualified guide who will tell you about historical events in a fascinating way. The driver who will take you to the Jordan River, is a professional with extensive practical driving experience. Therefore, the trip promises to be comfortable and 100% safe.

If you use the services of a personal driver, the driver will not only take you to the place of the baptism of Jesus Christ, but also stop where you wish, tell you about other shrines, adjust the route to your needs and wishes.

How to order a taxi or a trip?
To use the services of our company, make an application on the website. We work around the clock. Reservations are accepted 24/7. Our specialist will contact you, calculate the cost of an excursion trip, according to the compiled route.
Payment methods
Emun Taxi offers various opportunities to pay for taxis and sightseeing tours. You will be able to pay for a trip or an exciting tour using:
•    PayPal system;
•    bank card;
•    cash.
For any questions, please contact the specified phone number or use the "call me back" button. Our specialist will contact you and answer any questions. You can track your order in the client's personal account.

By contacting our company, you are guaranteed to get a comfortable taxi, a spacious car for a small group of tourists and an exciting trip that you will remember for a lifetime!

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