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Tour "In the footsteps of Jesus”

If you choose this tour, you will definitely see with your own eyes all these amazing and historical sites that somehow concern Jesus’s life, according to the traditions. 
We will start from the Olive Mountain, as it is believed here Jesus was talking to his followers for a long time. There we will have a fascinating outlook of the ancient and modern parts of Jerusalem.
Next place we should notice is the Mary’s Ascension Church devoted to her Assumption. Then we will go to the Church of Patre Nostre, built on the place where Jesus taught his followers the Lord’s Prayer and where you can find plates with it even in your own language.

The further step is little and modern Dominus Flevit Church built in the 20th century. The name means “The lord Wept”  and it is devoted to the fact of Jesus cry about Jerusalem because he anticipated it would be destroyed.
Moving through the Gethsemane Garden, our way will come to the fascinating All Nations Church. It was built on a place of Jesus’s latter pray, his capture and arrest, that happened as Juda deceived him. 
The Lions Gate will bring us to the Old city and the Church of Saint Anne – marking the place of Mary’s living, and the Beth Hesda pool described in the fifth chapter of the Gospel of John and a model of which you can see in the Israel’s Museum, though it is not historically proved.
At the Abbey of Notre Dame De Sion will be the end of our excursion. There you can find a special pavement with stripes (Litho Strosos) showing the point where Jesus was sentenced.

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