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Excursion on Segway

Segway Tour in Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem

Mishkenot Shaananim or Yamin Moshe has an outstanding scenery. It was the first region of the Jewish settlement outside the Old City, on a hill opposite the Mt Zion. You can find here both the Turkish architectural style and the Old Europe’s one. It is full of flowers, hanging or growing everywhere.
Segway Tour starts on an interesting viewing platform located beside Moses Montefiory majestic windmill. After that, our way goes to the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, built in commemoration of the 6th prime minister of Israel, then to a water basin called Sultan’s or Snake Pool, that nowadays during summer stays dry, used as a stage. Reaching Hutzot Hayotzer (or artist's colony) we can admire the outside artists’ work or buy pretty souvenirs. Futher, we go on moving along the King David Street watching the prestigious region Mamilla, where we can stop at the famous shopping alley. Riding back to the starting point, we will pass by the King David Hotel – the place, where head of the states and other famous people stay during their visit to Israel.
Segway Tour via Armon HaNetsiv Promenade
Armon HaNetsiv Promenade is starting from the house built for the Britain’s Mandate high commissioner, whose name it bears. Nowadays it is a United Nations Middle-East Headquarter. Armon HaNetsiv Promenade is located in the Talpiot quarter, which was built as a garden suburb and its name means magnificently built.
We begin the trip beside car park area on the Haas Promenade. Moving eastwards by the Goldman Promenade, we get a breathtaking viewing platform to observe attractive sceneries of the Hinnom, the Olive Mountain, the Old City buildings. Further, we will ride westwards to the Sherover Promenade, which provides us with exciting scenes of the Temple Mount and modern regions of the city. Moving backwards to the starting point we will be surrounded by splendid olive groves and enjoy natural landscapes.
Segway Tour in Biblical Zoo, Jerusalem
Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is a large territory of an amazing lowland neighboring delightful mounts. While you are riding in Biblical Zoo, you will see a little pond, taking its water from a cascade of pools and waterfalls, that creates really charming picture. The Zoo is placed on a number of highlands, that is why using Segway will help you to observe the whole territory, look at different animals and views, and not become so tired as many visitors do.
Purchasing a 1.5 hour tour, you need to pay the entry fee and a personal tour guide service will be included. At the end, you are allowed to walk around the zoo for some more and have fun reaching the places you like most.

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