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Christian tours in Jerusalem

The Christian Tour in Jerusalem brings the ability to observe the very adorable and most visited holy sites with your personal tour guide showing you the desired sites and giving you time to savor it. Usually we begin our way from the Olive Mountain, and its exciting view of both ancient and modern parts of Jerusalem. In the Gethsemane Garden, we will see old trees that could be witnesses of Jesus talking to his followers the night before he was crucified. There the beautiful Church of All Nations (or the Basilica of the Agony), built on the donations from Christian community from 20 countries,  is situated. It marks the place of the latter Jesus’s pray to his God. 
Further, we will enter the Old City and go around the Jewish, Armenian, Muslim and Christian quarters. By the Via Dolorosa we will move to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and forward to the Kotel (or the Wailing Wall) – major Jewish site. Then, at the local market, we will find many ethnic goods.
Leaving the Old city, we continue observing the most important points of the modern Jerusalem - the President's Residence, the Israeli parliament or “Knesset”. Your guide will give you an explanation of the essence 30 major occasions, expressions and figures that are engraved at the Knesset Menorah – a creative sculpture, presented by the British parliament.
Our last point is the Israel Museum, where we will look at the reproduction of Jerusalem coeval to Jesus and the Second Temple. The ancient Dead Sea scrolls are exhibited here. They were found in Qumran - a great number of texts, including the oldest copy of the Old Testament, which was written by the Essenes – the ancient sect of Judaism that was flourishing from the 5th century BCE till the 4th century CE.  

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