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Tours in Jerusalem with a personal guide – Jewish heritage

The private tour gives you a unique opportunity to dip in 3000-year history and find out the beauty and splendor of Jerusalem. We will begin with an adorable view both of ancient and modern part of Jerusalem.
Having enjoyed the scenery, we will move to the Old city going by the old streets first of the Armenian quarter, then of the Jewish quarter and reach the Cardo, being the major street about 1700 years ago. The part of it was renovated and now it became a merchant street offering different goods, providing local atmosphere. You can find here everything from religious things to artistic souvenirs. 
Furthermore, we will direct to the Western Wall (or Kotel), being the place of worship of millions of people, who come here to pray and leave their wish in the holes of the ancient wall. 
Leaving this part of the city, we will drive to the modern part, visiting the most important sites of the new history of Jerusalem that is the Knesset, the Israeli parliament and the President's residence.
We will finish our excursion visiting the Israel Museum, where many Israeli ancient artifacts are exhibited, and then the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum where we can honor the memory of the Jewish people, killed during the Second World War.

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