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Tour to Petra - one of the seven world wonders

This tour will bring you to Petra, counted to be one of the Seven World Wonders. The Nabateans called it Raqmu and it is also known as the Rose City, because of the stone color, which many buildings are cut in.
To implement this trip we should cross the Jordan boarder in the point of Eilat. We will see Wadi Rum or the Valley of the Moon, cut in the rock and sandstone and having various petroglyphs.
We will pass the Wadi Musa village, named so after Moses, who created his miracles with rock and water here.  
Then we will come to Petra, which was a capital in the 3rd century B.C. and was an important point on the trade way from Egypt to the East. It endured a number of earthquakes, an Arab conquest and Crusaders invasion, but it is still a very beautiful city.
We will walk through the mountain using a passage at the height of over 100 meters above ground and which is 1.2km long. Moving this Siq with a number of figures and niches cut of stone, we will get to the adorable and breathtaking Petra Treasury or Al-Khazneh, the temple in the ancient Greek style made by Arab Nabateans.
We will walk along the Colonnade Street and see more ancient temples, altars, shrines and tombs that really excite.
At last, we will come to the Nabatean's Tent Restaurant to have a wonderful meal and then buy souvenirs. 

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