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Tour to Masada and Ein Gedi

We will drive from Jerusalem southwards to Masada. Moving across the Judean Desert, we will see the Good Samaritan Inn, built on the place of the former Ma’ale Adumim city and having a beautiful mosaic museum. The unique peculiarity of this land is that it declined down the sea level, and it has a special marking point “sea level”, situated deep in the desert.
We will also look at the Jericho city, counted 10 thousand years, mentioned many times in the Bible but still populated. It is believed that here Jesus cured the blind.
Our next point is Masada. Taking the funicular on the 60 meter height, we will climb up to see the King Herod’s Palace, impressing the mind with the fact that at such height, ancient people constructed a swimming pool and a water system, supplying it, beautiful palace and many other buildings, including some kind of a sauna with external heating. The city was a war stage for a long time, first the zealots conquered it after the Herod’s death. It is mostly famous for the durable siege by the Roman troops and for a mass suicide made to save freedom from Romans that impressed the conquerors.
Further, we will drive to Ein Gedi – a great chance to watch a real oasis in the desert, full of trees and greeneries. It became a nature reserve with special paths. The origin of the oasis is a natural spring that bore a stream, ending with a water fall down to the desert rocks. It is a place of living for some disappearing birds and animals.   
Driving back, we will look at Qumran – the caves, where archeologists found the Dead Sea Scrolls, including the oldest copies of the Old Testament.

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