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Tour to Masada and the Dead Sea

We will start our tour from Jerusalem and move southwards to Masada. While we drive across the Judean Desert, we will see the Good Samaritan Inn. The unique peculiarity of this land is that it is situated below the sea level, we can learn about this fact, looking at the marking point “sea level”, situated deep in the desert.
We will also look at the Jericho city, counted 10 thousand years, mentioned many times in the Bible and still populated. It is believed that here Jesus cured the blind.
Our next point is Masada. Taking the funicular, we will climb the mountain to see the King Herod’s Palace, impressing the mind with the fact that at the height, there were constructed a swimming pool and a water system, supplying it, beautiful palace and many other buildings. It is famous for the durable siege by the Roman troops and for a mass suicide in order to save freedom from Romans, that impressed the conquerors.
After that, we will drive to the Dead Sea to have time for unforgettable rest. Swimming in the mineral water of the Dead Sea will bring you health and excitement. As well, you can use natural mud to soften your skin.

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