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Tour to Jerusalem from Ashdod port

Starting at the Ashdod Port, our first point will be the Olive Mountain where we will have an observation outlook at the ancient and modern Jerusalem’s parts, as well as at the Temple Mount majestic scene. 
Moving through the Kidron Valley, we will acknowledge such sites as the Gethsemane Garden with incredible All Nations Church.
Entering the city via the Zion gate, we will move to the Cardo, major street in Jerusalem in the first centuries A.C. After that, we will step to the Western Wall (or the Kotel), visited by millions of people of different nations.
After careful examination of the beauties of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, we will learn the history of the Via Dolorosa, walking its way.  
At the end, we will arrive to Yad Vashem - Holocaust Museum, to honor the memory of the Jews killed in the Second World War. After that, we will come back to the start point.
If you change places that you would like to see, the tour becomes a private one; its cost will depend on the route, transport type, language and time. Please notice, that it will be extra payments for entrance and parking.

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