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Tours in Jerusalem – the Old city per day

For only one day, you can learn much about the Old city of Jerusalem. First, start with an adorable outlook to the Temple Mount and the whole city scenery from the Olive Mountain, which is a Jewish point of interment for a long time. Looking down from height, you can notice traces of the majestic Second Temple, which was a major Jewish shrine for 500 hundred years, ruined in the first century.
Next place will be the Gethsemane Garden, named so because the olive trees have been growing here since the beginning of the time, and the oil presses that existed here formely.  In the Gethsemane garden, there is the Church of All Nations, named so because Christians from 20 countries donated the construction.
Our further places to see are the Armenian Monastery and Saint Jacobs Cathedral inside of it, both situated in the Armenian Quarter, the northwest part of the Old city.
After that let us have a walk along the Cardo, which exists 17 centuries being earlier the major street of the city. It survived destroying and renovation, and nowadays we can find a popular market for tourists on one of its spots.
The Jewish quarter offers many religious places of interest, the major of which is the Wailing Wall or Kotel. 
In the beginning of the first century, King Herod reconstructed the Temple, building supporting walls, the western of which is the Kotel. 33 years later the Second Temple fell and the Western Wall became a unique remind of the former Shrine, therefore Jews continue counting this site as the holiest and that is why million pilgrims visit it to pray here and to leave their wish.
After that, moving along the Via Dolorosa - the way Jesus bore his cross to the execution point, we will learn what happened on each Station of the Cross. Then, we are approaching to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, constructed to mark a point where Jesus was crucified and where the Tomb of Jesus is. 
The following sight will be Yad VaShem - Holocaust Museum, which was constructed in honor of 6 million Jewish people killed in the Second World War and to people who tried to help even paying with their lives.   
The Yad Vashem is not available on Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish High Holidays. These days we visit other sites, the King David's Tomb for example.

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