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The old city of Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulcher

We start with a spectacular panoramic overview of the old and new city of Jerusalem, we see the old city and the temple mount area, we go back in time as if we view the second temple before it destroyed in 70 CE.
Driving along the Kidron Valley, we have a great view of the Garden of Gethsemane, the wall of the old city, the Church Of All Nations and the Mount Olives.
On Mount Zion we climb to the traditional room of the Last Supper, the Coenaculum, which according to belief is where Jesus shared his final meal with his Apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion.
We continue to the Tomb of David The large cenotaph is with a drape on which are embroidered varios attributes of King David including the lyre he played, a crown and the words "David, King of Israel lives forever" in Hebrew. This is a Jewish holy site, therefore men and women are separated.
This tour starts from an observation view of Jerusalem, where we can see both ancient and modern parts of the city, and a historical reference to the times, when the Second Temple existed. 
Moving through the Kidron Valley, we will acknowledge such sights as the Gethsemane Garden, the All Nations Church and the Olive Mountain.
At the Mount Zion we will have a stop in the Coenaculum, the sight of Jesus gathering with his followers in the eve of his execution, the occasion that we know as the Last Supper. 
Then in the David’s Tomb we will see the grave of King David, coated with draperies, showing different things that he possessed - his lyre or a crown, also there is embroidered lettering in Hebrew, which means "David, King of Israel lives forever". This is the place of a strict implementation of the religious rituals, so that a man and a woman visit it separately.
Entering the Armenian Quarter via the Zion gate, direct yourselves to the Cardo, the major street in Jerusalem in the first centuries A.C. Nowadays the Cardo is an interesting sight in the Jewish Quarter. It was crumbled and rebuilt many times; some time ago a part of it became a market street where tourists buy local goods and souvenirs. 
Next point on our way is the Western Wall (or the Kotel), that is the Jewish sight of worship.
After careful examination of the beauties of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, let us outline the finish of the Via Dolorosa, look at the Chamber of the Jesus’s tomb, which was built in the Byzantine period, partly ruined during the Persian and Muslim invasion and reconstructed by the Crusaders. 
Our last stops will be the Orthodox and Catholic chapels on Calvary, the spot where Jesus was crucified, then we will finish our excursion in the Helena’s Chapel built in commemoration of the Cross find.

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