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Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem

We will start from the Olive Mountain with an exciting view of Jerusalem, both ancient and modern parts of it; we will see the Temple Mount and make wonderful photos. 

Then we will move to the Old City, and go to the Via Dolorosa, along which Jesus brought his Cross. This way we will get to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, marking the point of Jesus’s crucifixion. Next, our way will be through the Jewish Quarter to the Cardo, a path built more than 1700 year ago in the Byzantine times. 
Leaving Jerusalem, we will move to Bethlehem, which attracts millions of pilgrims with its Church of the Nativity, built by Constantine the Great and his mother Helena over the cave (the Grotto of Nativity), which considered being the birthplace of Jesus. You can find a 14 ray star made of silver on the floor of the Church of Saint Catherine, marking the birthplace. There is also beautiful Basilica of Nativity, connecting the Church of Nativity. This complex is situated on the Manger Square, called so because earlier there were mangers here, and according to traditions, in one of them Jesus was born. 
Next point is the Milk Grotto, the place where Mary supposed to hide her baby before they went to Egypt. There is a Franciscan Chapel on this place.
At last, we will look at wonderful piece of fertile land called Shepherds’ Fields, which has caves, which in the 1-5 centuries were used as churches. Nowadays we can see the Church at al-Ruwat, which is the only 5th-century church outside Jerusalem that survived. 

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