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Jaffa and Tel Aviv

Jaffa history counts 4000 years, its age is archeologically proved as well as the fact that it was a port city, supporting trade between Egypt and Phoenicia. Two different stories describe the origin of the name Jaffa. One tells that it is named in honor of Japhet, the son of Noah, who founded this city after the Flood. Due to the second, this word in Hebrew means beauty.  
Jaffa exists unceasingly, functioning as the port all this time. Different nations mention it in its stories. Lebanese cedars are believed to arrive in Jaffa before being used in the building of King Solomon's Temple. Jonah stayed here before he travelled to the sea from God. The Greek believe that Andromeda was shackled near Jaffa being punished. The Apostle Peter made his wonders in Jaffa. Different armies from Romans to Napoleon invaded the city in different times; but it declined only when the Ottoman Empire fell, and Jaffa was subjected to the British Mandate by General Allenby. 
In the 20th century many Jewish people arrived to Jaffa, because it was the only point of entry. Increasing immigration outraged Arab population. They persecuted the Jews until 1948 when the State of Israel was declared. Military forces expel Arabs from the city and the free houses began to be filled by the Jewish families, who had suffered from war.
This war made the population so poor, that a life in Jaffa nearly stopped. But in 1968, the Israeli Government and local Municipality initiated a plan of its renovation.
Old Jaffa today is a tourist city. There are different places for fun – that is markets to buy goods, restaurants to have meal, jewelry boutiques to purchase precious thing, narrow alleys to walk and so on.
Jaffa restaurants, visited by the natives and tourists, are famous for its perfect cuisine. This city really impresses with its ancient Port, neighboring to the modern Jaffa harbor, tunes to romantic wave with its beautiful alleys and picturesque parks, excites with the play of the light of Mediterranean sunrays during the daytime and the special lighting at night. But Tel Aviv seems to be even more exciting – the first modern city in Israel, risen as a part of Jaffa, - a lively, energetic and populated city that never sleeps. 
All this beauty we will see during our tour to Jaffa and Tel Aviv. As well, we will visit Hatachana Complex, the renovated ancient point that meets tourists with many shops and other attractions. 

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