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Balloon flight

Israel balloon flight – is a very interesting way to spend time with your friends, couple, family or company – there are different ways to implement it - as team, single, gift voucher or in the package.

It will be very memorable to travel in air, looking at Israel from a height where birds fly. You can fulfill a balloon pilot tradition – to break a bottle of champagne before taking off. 
We have various flight sets for the different tastes and wishes, to present many new emotions in the air.
We start on sunrise, take off the ground and move through the country, enjoying light blow, sunrays in the East and wonderful sceneries under the balloon. 
Duration of the flight depends on the set you chose and on the air speed, our flight will be 40-90 minutes long, and the entire tour lasts 3-5 hours.
You will fly over the Jezreel Valley, between Mount Gilboa and Tabor. This area is very suitable for balloon flight, because you will see amazing sceneries, interesting plants and animals, that makes you heart beat faster and gives you great emotions. In addition, the unique climate of the valley and its surface makes balloon flights comfortable and safe.
This tour is available nearly all year, at the day start, because of best circumstances for flight.
In addition, a flight when the sun raise will make you undoubtedly excited and help you have a real rest. You will never forget this exciting experience.
You should remember these points before taking this tour:

  • We give instructions for the travelers before boarding for their safety
  • Children under six years old cannot attend Champagne Flights 
  • Pregnant women cannot take the Champagne Flights 
  • If you suffer from any disease, you must notify the staff before ordering this tour to be sure that your health will not prevent you from flight and that you will feel well in the air 
  • No weapon is allowed on board
  • Your shoes should be closed for your safety. Also we recommend to wear a headdress and seasonal clothes if needed.
  • You can take on board only minimal weight. We advise you to take a drink and a camera and leave additional equipment at the hotel. 

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