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We offer different Helicopter flight tour to visit various places.

Route #1: Caesarea, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee 
During this trip, the northern districts of Israel will open us its beauties and shrines.
Our flight starts from Herzliya*. Helicopter flies over wonderful Mediterranean Sea bay, while we learn history of Caesarea – an artificial harbor, constructed by King Herod, that is nowadays attracting tourists with ancient beauty. Next, we will move to Megiddo excavations passing “King’s route”. We will observe from height the Jezreel Valley, Nazareth – place of Jesus’s childhood, Mountain of the Beatitudes between Capernaum and Gennesaret. This way we will see very popular religious places of Christians. 
Further, let us watch handsome Arbel mount scenes and enjoy shimmering water of the Sea of Galilee. During landing at Capernaum to have refreshments, we will  go to an ancient kirk, aged 3rd century AC. Returning, we will observe the Mount Gilboa, named so because of boiled springs.

Route #2: Jerusalem, Judean Desert, Dead Sea
During this trip, Jerusalem beauties changes to the specific ambience of the wilderness.
It starts from Herzliya*, goes above new parts of Jerusalem, having a wonderful Old City overview, flights over this part are prohibited. Then we take a direction of Judean desert, having a glance at Qumran Caves (place of the Dead Sea Scrolls find ) and will give rest for our eyes at Ein Gedi with its rich colorful scene of the real oasis. 
Landing will be at the magnificent Masada on the Dead Sea coast, including the old castle visit and if you wish a lunch. Then we will move to Tel Aviv, recognizing the Latrun Monastery, where silent monks produce outstanding vine. At last, we will enjoy Tel Aviv with its modern buildings – the largest and much populated city in Israel, whose energy abounds 24 hours a day.

Route # 3: Jerusalem
This tour starts from Herzliya*, first moves close to the boarder to show the real size of the country. Then we will move to new parts of Jerusalem and watch the sites of the Old city, flights over which are prohibited. Then we will turn back and pass over Latrun Monastery, where silent monks produce outstanding vine.
At the end, we will delight beautiful scenery of Tel Aviv, the biggest and very vibrant Israeli city that differs from others by its modern architecture, multi-national culture as well as famed night life.

Route # 4: Caesarea, Haifa  
During this trip, picturesque sea coast of Israel will reveal us its pearls and diamonds. We will start from Herzliya*, moving along friendly Mediterranean Sea shore. We will learn history of Caesarea – an artificial harbor, constructed by King Herod that nowadays is attracting tourists for its ancient beauty.
Further, our route turns to a major city of Haifa, and afterwards crosses Mount Carmel. Our guides will provide you the story of seaport in Haifa, while you are enjoying outstanding parks and sculptures of the Bahai Gardens. You also will learn the meaning of “kibbutzim” when we will move back to Tel Aviv.

Route # 5: Golan Heights, Château Golan Winery 
During this trip, we will fly around Israel and delight tasty dishes and high-quality vines.
Starting from Herzliya*, we will fly beside the amazing Mediterranean Sea coast, pass the “Kings Route” to the Sea of Galilee.
Having relaxed watching shimmering water, we will direct to the Golan Heights, notorious for the Yom Kippur war. Landing in the most glorious winery in Israel - Château Golan, we can try a delicious food with perfect and tasty vines. Return to Tel Aviv is devoted to the beauty of the countryside – you can revel adorable scenes of different places of Israel. 

Route #6: Galilee, Safed, Mizpe Hayamim Spa Resort 
This trip is for people who would like to enjoy scenes and give a rest to their bodies. 
We will start from Herzliya*, continue flying beside the amazing Mediterranean Sea coast. Then passing the “Kings Route”, we will move to Nazareth, place of Jesus’s childhood, Mount of Transfiguration, the Arbel mount and land in the luxurious spa resort in Israel – Mizpe Hayamim.
Having tasty dinner in the famous restaurant “Muscat” we will walk along the paths of the gorgeous hotel garden. 
Returning, we will observe the Safed, a Holy City for Jews, watch the landscapes of the picturesque hills in the Galilee region. Undoubtedly, sunset on a helicopter board and dinner in Muscat will make this trip unforgettable.

Route # 7: Mount Gilboa, Spice Farm 
This tour we offer as a romantic trip, which can become the marriage proposal or a special romantic occasion. 
It starts from Herzliya*, goes beside amazing Mediterranean Sea coast, enjoying the wonderful sunset and color changes of sea surface, sky and ground.  
We will land at the Mount Gilboa for an unforgettable scene. After this exciting experience, you will have lunch in Spice Farm in a romantic atmosphere full of different pretty flavors. Returning, we will fly in a dark night, enjoying radiance of the big cities. 

Route # 8: Galilee, Dead Sea, Jerusalem
This is the largest helicopter trip around the Israel.
We will start from Herzliya*, fly beside wonderful Mediterranean Sea coast to Caesarea. We will pass “Kings Route” to Nazareth, see the Arbel mount. We will lunch at Capernaum and further move to the Sea of Galilee, having an observing outlook of the Golan Heights and revealing the origin of the Middle-East war.
Futher, through the Jordan River lowland and the wonderful Dead Sea, we will move to Ein Gedi, oasis transferred to nature reserve, then visit the magnificent Masada. During our second stop, we will admire old castle and have meal as you wish.  Next, crossing the Judean Desert we will fly to Jerusalem to admire it from the sky. At last, we will like entralling scenes of Tel Aviv - the major and much populated city in Israel that differs from others with its modern buildings, multi-national culture and famed nightlife.

*    Departure from Herzliya / Tel Aviv or Jerusalem

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