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Tour in Golan Heights

Moving to the Golan Heights, we will see many interesting places – Qazrin, Mount Bental, Quneitra and the Jordan and Syria border, as well as a baptismal site on the Jordan River and ancient city excavations.
First, our route goes northwards alongside seashore and comes to Megiddo where we can observe excavations of 26 layers of ruins.  After that, we will look at baptismal site on the Jordan River – a place, which is visited by many pilgrims. 
Then we will reach The Golan Heights, which is a mountainous region divided for Israeli and Syrian control. From its height, we will see Hammat Gader, famous for its hot springs, and the triangular border of Syria, Jordan and Israel. Our next point is Qazrin, being the largest Jewish habitat, though international community founds it illegal. In Qazrin we will visit an ancient village, which is an open-air museum and a 6th century built synagogue.
At the dormant volcano, called Mount Bental, we will make photos of Quneitra valley, which is famous for the frightful battle during Yom Kippur War. Many Syrian tanks remained in the Valley of Tears as a war memorial. Moving back, we will visit a former Syrian defense construction.


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