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Easter in Jerusalem

Celebrating Easter in Jerusalem is a memorable event. Millions of people every year meet together on the Palm Sunday to follow Jesus’s way that he went entering Jerusalem as the Christ, met by applauding people, who beared palm boughs. To begin with, we will have an observe view of the Judean desert and Jordan valley. Then acceding the crowd we will go to the Old city with many believers, walking the way Jesus walked those days.

We will visit many holy sites on the way, starting with the Chapel of Bethpage, marking the occasion when Jesus asked the followers to bring him a donkey to move to the City. Then in the Church of the Ascension, we will learn the legend of his rising to the Heaven after the resurrection.  At the Dominus Flevit Church, we will recollect Jesus foreseeing that Jerusalem would be ruined.
Then we will move through the Kidron valley to the Gethsemane Garden, here Jesus prayed on the threshold of crucifixion. The Lion's Gate will bring us to the Old City at the territory of the Christian Quarter and then to the Via Dolorosa. The end of the excursion will be in Church of Saint Anna and Bethseda.

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