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Swimming with dolphins

Diving with Dolphins is a unique tour, suitable for any person that swims confidently and is older than 8. It fit even those who had never dived before. We provide you all the needed equipment; a personal trainer will help you to master it. You will spend 60 minutes for this activity, a half of which is spent to get you wetsuits fit, sign the medical statement and learn breathing in water.
The maximum diving depth is 6 meters, but this is enough to get pleasure with bathing dolphins, sweeping colorful fish and beautiful corals. 
While you stay in water, you may look at the dolphins, swimming in their native area, learn how they hunt, eat, play, mates and treat youngsters. As dolphins approach only on their own will, we will observe them and possibly play and feed these beautiful creatures.
Please take a notice, that to make this activity safe, you must notify about the subsequent diseases: ear and breathing diseases (for example, asthma, sinus and bronchitis), heart suffering, high/low blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes or claustrophobia, recent operations, taking medicine, having any other medical illnesses. You should not have this activity during the pregnancy period. 
Moreover, pay attention that individual cameras are prohibited. This is both to keep you safe and to save health of the animals, whose wellbeing is a priority. The underwater photos are made by the special employees, because they are experts in the behavioral patterns of the dolphins, being trained regularly and having up-to-date information about each creature, and therefore know how to act in different situations. They also do not use flash, because this may cause changes in dolphins’ behavior and get water situation out of control.  
Also, we inform about the following: 
You need to accompany every child till 15 years of old. The companion should be older than 21.   
Each entrant must have a medical statement signed. You can find medical statement here, before taking part in the tour. Parents or guardians sign the medical and liability statement for their child. 

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