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Desert Safari in Israel

This tour starts from Jerusalem and goes southwards through the Judean desert where we will see the Good Samaritan Inn, with its beautiful mosaic museum. On our further way, we will reach the marking point “sea level”, which means that while we move further, the level of surface will decline.  We will have a view of the ancient city Jericho, which is mentioned in the Bible and whose remains are 11000 years old. It is situated in the Palestinian territory being the oldest city that is still populated.  
The next place where we stop is Qumran, famous for the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls laid for centuries. They are in a good condition, though they a more than 2000 years old. The reason is that this area is very draughty. Today they are exhibited in the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem. It was the ancient Essenes who wrote this scrolls that contain the most ancient copy of the Old Testament.
In Qumran, we will transfer to off-road vehicles, which are designed for moving through wild places. We will have some kind of a fight with nature, moving in the sandy region. Full of adrenaline, we will drive to the Dragot Cliffs and look at the Dragot River, which regularly dries up, and streaming just after spring high water. We will also marvel at the amazing square entrances of the Murbaat Caves.
Here were found artefacts from the Copper and Bronze age. Moreover, it revealed the papers written in the second century, describing the second Jewish rebellion. Its leader - Rabbi Shimon Bar Kochba, wrote some of them. Also, there was another significant find - a set of tefilin (phylactery), which proved the thousand year age of the Jewish traditional tefilin prayer ritual.
Our last point will be the Dead Sea, which by the way may disappear till 2050, where we will bathe, washing down the dirt and getting rid of sand, having a rest in a high-mineralled water, which consists 35% from salt and will keep you floating in the upper layer.  You can also apply the black mud mask to get your skin soft and feel therapeutic effect to the whole body. 

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