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Day in Galilee

During our one-day tour to Galilee we will move around to the impassible, mountainous region of Northern Israel. We will see beautiful scenery of stunning wildlife. Galilee is also a popular pilgrimage place, because of the major biblical sites situated in this region. Your personal expert tour guide can tell many interesting things about Galilee.
Our first point will be Nazareth and its Old city where we can enjoy the ancient twisty cobbled streets. It is supposed to be the city, where Mary lived with her little Jesus. There we will look at the church of Saint Joseph and the Basilica of the Annunciation, a place where, as traditions say, angel Gabriel told Mary that she would have a baby. A great number of Arabs, creating a unique Middle Eastern character, which you can feel fully at the delightful local bazaars, populates Nazareth, being the major city in the Northern District of Israel.
Our next move is the Galilee Sea, which is not actually the sea, but the largest lake with soft water in Israel. On its shore, Jesus is considered to implement his ministry for a long time, create some of his wonders and spoke Beatitudes. In the Church of Multiplication of the Loaves and fish, we will see the traces of the two churches that previously stood here and enjoy its beautiful mosaics. Our next site is Capernaum, a fishing village, which was a home for Saint Peter, and Yardenit, situated southwards to the Jordan’s outlet from the Sea of Galilee. It became a baptismal site in 1981, after the Six-Day war and military activity in Qasr el Yahud, which is considered the place of baptism of Jesus.

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