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Caesarea, Haifa, Acre and Rosh Hanikra

This tour is full of impressions and places to visit. During only one day, we visit such wonderful cities as Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, and Rosh Hanikra, which are the most interesting places on northern Mediterranean Shore of Israel. We can start it from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. 
First, we will travel to Caesarea- the ancient city, built by Herod the Great as the port city. An artificial harbor with warehouses, markets, wide roads, temples and other buildings were constructed in the first century BCE. Last century this city transformed to a National Park with an amazing visitor center, becoming an attractive touristic place.

After that, we will go to third major city in Israel, built on the Carmel mountainside, Haifa, where we can enjoy the friendly seashore and then come to exciting Bahai Gardens – the core place of the religion of Bahai. Then we will move northwards to Rosh Hanikra and find wonderful grottoes in the limestone cliffs. 

Our tour finishes at Acre, which seems to be the most ancient seaport on Earth. We will come around the Old City, learning its amazing history, and find out why it became the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If you choose this private tour, you will learn much about the northern Israel. You can join it thrice a week, and discover to yourself this wonderful countryside. 

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